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The small village of Beaulard belongs to the municipality of Oulx, in the province of Turin in the region of the piedmont. The town is everything but cut off by the transports because of the comfortable Trenitalia train station. The town can easily be reached form Turin’s train station TORINO PORTA NUOVA boarding the train to Bardonecchia disembarking at the Beaoulard station.  The town can be also reach by taking the highway A35 direction to Frejus or by the state road S.P. 24 driving through the lovely valley of Susa. The time spent travelling by any way chosen dose not overcome one hour and a half.

The village is set at the foot of the Grand Hoche (from Celtic oshe, that means dip) an massive mountain that reaches the 2844 meters above the sea level at the Charrà Peak, 2804 at the Arbour’s Spire and 2762 at the Grand Hoche Peak. Similar to a dolomite shaped mountain (the erosion caused it to have steep side). Interesting zone due to the popularity of the area for being one of the most relevant ski resorts of the Western Alps. Impeccable location also for spring and summer offering endless woods and an enormous number of hiking tracks and numerous tracks for alpinists. Visitors must also visit the smallest villages: Puys, Chatau Beaulard and Villard, these localities are a great example of alpine provençal occitanian culture and architecture.

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